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In recent years, it seems that more and more cases of stockbroker fraud are coming to light, Most forms of stockbroker fraud are variations on the following methods - Churning: When a stockbroker engages in excessive trading for a client, he may be committing a type of stockbroker fraud known as "churning". Broker's fees are generally charged per transaction-so a broker may conduct a large number of transactions to generate commissions. One sign of this sort of stockbroker fraud is if the broker continuously sells winners at a small profit and keeps the losers. To prove that stockbroker fraud is taking place, you must establish that the pattern of trading on that account was excessive. Unsuitability: Another approach of stockbroker fraud is to recommend investments that are inconsistent with the client's ability to tolerate risk. Misrepresentation/Omissions: A broker may be accused of stockbroker fraud if that broker misrepresents or omits important information about an investment, and the client loses money as a result.

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South Carolina State falls under the 4th Circuit. The website for the appeals court for this circuit is South Carolina State has the following courts -
South Carolina Bankruptcy Court
South Carolina District Court

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  • In 1998, in 40 counties, 62% of the juvenile felony defendants were black, 20% were white, 16% were Hispanic, and almost 2% were another race.

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